Add a Password Dictionary

A password dictionary is a text file that contains words that cannot be used as passwords. You can import a password dictionary.

Before you begin

Create a password dictionary. Create a text file and enter each dictionary entry on a separate line. When you save the file, verify that the file is smaller than 200 MB.


  1. In the Security Console, click Setup > System Settings.

  2. Under Authentication Settings, click Password Dictionary.

  3. Under Password Dictionary, make sure that the status is No password dictionary found. If the status is Password dictionary imported, you must first delete the existing password dictionary before adding a new one. For instructions, see Delete a Password Dictionary.

  4. In the Password Dictionary Name list, click Import Password Dictionary File.

  5. Under Password Dictionary Basics, enter the name of the password dictionary that you are importing in the Password Dictionary Name field.

  6. Under Password Dictionary File, browse to the password dictionary file that you are importing.

  7. When prompted, select the password dictionary filename, and click Open.

  8. Click Import File.

    The import process can take several minutes.

  9. Click Update Status to refresh. When the status shows Password dictionary imported, the name of the new password dictionary is displayed in the Password Dictionary Name list.

  10. Click Done.