Add a Trusted User

Only trusted users can access the agents enabled for trusted realm authentication. An authentication agent can be configured to automatically designate all users from a trusted realm as trusted users. You can manually add trusted users if more restriction is necessary. When you manually add trusted users, only the users you add are trusted users.

Before you begin


  1. In the Security Console, click Administration > Trusted Realms > Trusted Users > Add New.

  2. In the Trusted User ID field, enter the user's User ID.

  3. From the Trusted Realm Name drop-down menu, select the trusted realm where the user belongs.

  4. From the Security Domains drop-down menu, select the security domain where the policies for this trusted user are managed.

    Only administrators whose administrative scope includes the security domain you select can manage the user.

  5. In the Default Shell field, enter the shell that users employ to access a UNIX machine.

  6. Click Save.