Add a User Group

A user group is a collection of users or user groups, or both.

You can add user groups to the internal database. You do not need to add a user group that already exists in an external identity source. Groups in external identity sources are added when the identity source is linked.

You add user groups for the following reasons:

  • To restrict which agents the user members can use to authenticate and the times that they can authenticate through the agent.

  • To organize users into user groups based on criteria such as geographic location or job title. User groups can also contain other user groups, called member user groups. For example, an organization might add a member user group called Sales Managers to a user group called North America.


  1. In the Security Console, click Identity > User Groups > Add New.

  2. From the Security Domain drop-down list, select the security domain to which you want to assign the new user group. The new user group is managed by administrators whose administrative scope includes this security domain.

  3. In the User Group Name field, enter a unique name for the user group. Do not exceed 64 characters.

  4. Click Save.