Add a Web-Tier Deployment Record

A web-tier deployment record must exist in the database on the primary instance before you can install a web tier. The web-tier deployment record establishes communication from the primary instance to web tier.

An instance can have up to 16 web tiers. Each web tier requires a web-tier deployment record.

In the last step of this procedure you can either generate the web-tier deployment package now or generate it at a later date. The web-tier deployment package contains the information that RSA Authentication Manager uses to connect a web tier to the associated instance. The web-tier deployment package is required prior to installing the web tier. If you generate the web-tier package now, you can install the web tier now.

Before you begin


  1. On the primary instance, in the Operations Console, click Deployment Configuration > Web-Tier Deployments > Add New.

  2. If prompted, enter your Super Admin User ID and password.

  3. On the Add New Web-Tier Deployment page, in the Details section, enter the following information:

    • Deployment name. The name you want for the web-tier deployment (0-255 characters. The & % > < ’ and ” characters are not allowed).

    • Hostname. Fully qualified hostname of the web-tier server where you are installing the web-tier deployment.

    • Preferred RBA Instance. The instance connected to this web-tier deployment to which risk-based authentication (RBA) traffic is directed.

  4. In the Web-Tier Service Options section, turn any of the following services on or off.

    • Self-Service Console

    • Risk-based authentication

    • Dynamic seed provisioning

  5. In the Virtual Host section, confirm the following information.

    • Virtual Hostname. Must be the fully qualified name of the virtual host.

    • Port Number. The default is 443.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • Click Save. The system saves the record in the database on the associated primary instance. The trust certificate is updated when you generate a web-tier deployment package.

    • Click Save & Generate Web-Tier Package. The Generate Web-Tier Deployment Package screen is displayed.

    Note: If the web-tier hostname is not resolved, a confirmation screen displays. Follow the instructions on the screen.

After you finish

  • Confirm the details of this web-tier deployment record. For instructions, see View Web-Tier Deployments

  • If you chose to save the web-tier deployment record without generating the web-tier deployment package, generate the web-tier deployment package before installing the web tier.

  • Install the web tier. For instructions, see “Installing Web Tiers” in the Setup and Configuration Guide.