Allow All Users to Authenticate Without an SecurID PIN

You can configure RSA Authentication Manager so that all users can authenticate without entering an SecurID PIN. Instead of entering the PIN followed by the tokencode, users enter just the tokencode displayed on the token. You can configure both hardware and software tokens so they do not require a PIN for authentication.

Authenticating with just a tokencode is ideal for situations such as software tokens on smart cards that users have to unlock with a PIN or on desktops that users must unlock with a password. In these situations, the PIN or password that unlocks the resource is one of the authentication factors, and the tokencode serves as the second.


  1. In the Security Console, click Setup > System Settings.

  2. Under Authentication Settings, click Tokens.

  3. Use the User Authentication Requirement buttons to specify if you want to require users to authenticate with a tokencode only or with a passcode (PIN + tokencode).

  4. Click Save.

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