Appliance Logs

The appliance maintains operating system logs that track items such as syslog entries, appliance SNMP messages, and Network Time Protocol (NTP) server updates. You can use these logs to monitor the appliance and maintain an audit trail of appliance SNMP and time synchronization operations.

Note: These logs do not duplicate the messages contained in the RSA Authentication Manager logs. For more information, see Log Archives.

Authentication Manager maintains the following appliance logs in the var/log directory:

  • messages. Contains syslog messages about the underlying operating system, such as disks, the BIOS, and memory usage and performance.

  • net-snmpd.log. Used for appliance SNMP log messages.

  • ntp. Changes to the date and time settings. For example, adding a new NTP server or synchronizing the date and time.

These logs are not included in the backup file, so you must manually back up the log files. Follow your organization's backup and archival policies to determine how often you must back up the log files.

To simplify log data management, the appliance uses a log rotation policy that creates multiple files for the appliance log files. You can specify the log rotation policy for the appliance logs.