Batch Jobs

Batch jobs are manually or automatically scheduled tasks that run in the background of Authentication Manager. Manually scheduled batch jobs include reports, cleanup jobs, archive logs, and backups. Other batch jobs are pre-configured and run automatically for system maintenance.

Batch jobs are listed alphabetically. Each batch job is listed at least twice and noted as scheduled or completed. More than one completed batch job may have the same name.

Cancel or Delete a Batch Job

You can cancel a batch job with the status In Queue or In Progress.

You can delete a batch job that has finished running. You might want to delete a batch job to clear the record of job success or failure, and to remove any data the job generated.

Before you begin

You must be a Super Admin.


  1. In the Security Console, click Administration > Batch Jobs.

  2. Click the batch job that you want to cancel or delete, and select Cancel or Delete.