Changing the IP Address of a Web-Tier Server

You can change the IP address of a web-tier server, for example, when you reconfigure the network. When you change the IP address, you must reinstall the web tier. During this procedure, the web-tier server is unavailable.

Before you begin

  • Consider the impact that downtime will have on your users.

  • You must be a Super Admin.

  • On Linux systems, verify that the open files hard limit for the local user is at least 4096.


  1. Change the IP address of the web-tier server. For more information, see your server documentation.

  2. Uninstall the web tier. For instructions, see Uninstall a Web Tier on Windows and Uninstall a Web Tier on Linux.

  3. Reinstall the web tier using the Web-Tier Installer for your platform. For instructions, see the RSA Authentication Manager Setup and Configuration Guide.

  4. If you replaced the certificates with custom certificates, activate the custom certificates after reinstalling the web tier.

  5. Update the DNS server or local host file with the new web-tier server IP address. For instructions, see your DNS server and local host documentation.