Check Replication Status

You can view the Replication Status Report for each replica instance in the deployment and if necessary, delete or synchronize a replica instance.

The deployment must contain at least one replica instance to display any replication status data.

On a primary instance, the Replication Status Report displays the following information:

  • Disk Space Available. The free disk space available on the primary instance. Replication stops when the free disk space is insufficient.

  • Minimum Disk Space for Replication. The amount of free disk space on the primary instance that is required for replication.

  • Replication Status. The replication status between the primary instance and each replica instance in the deployment.

    On a replica instance, the Replication Status report displays the replication status between that replica instance and the primary instance. For more information about each status, see Replication Status.

If you shut down a replica instance, you must wait approximately three minutes before restarting to see the replication status. If you restart immediately and the process takes less than three minutes, you might not see any messages in the System Activity Monitor. However, you can run a report to see the events.

If a replication error occurs, you can download log files to assist with troubleshooting. For more information, see Download Troubleshooting Files.


On the primary instance Operations Console, click Deployment Configuration > Instances > Status Report.

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