Configure a Custom Console Logon Banner

A Super Admin can configure a custom console logon banner that can include a custom logo image and custom text. You can choose to display a logon banner before users log on to the Operations Console, the Security Console, or the Self-Service Console.

A Super Admin can also create a custom Secure Shell (SSH) logon banner that appears before an administrator logs on to the appliance operating system with an SSH client. For instructions, see Configure a Custom SSH Logon Banner.

If your deployment includes a web tier, see Configure a Web-Tier Self-Service Console Logon Banner on Windows or Configure a Web-Tier Self-Service Console Logon Banner on Linux.

Before you begin

  • You must be a Super Admin.

  • This procedure assumes that you know how to use vi editor.

  • Obtain the information required to access the appliance operating system:

    • Obtain the rsaadmin operating system password.

    • Obtain the IP address or fully qualified hostname for the hardware appliance or the virtual machine.

    • Enable SSH on the appliance. For instructions, see Enable Secure Shell on the Appliance.

  • (Optional) To display a custom logo image on the consoles, do the following:

    • Create a GIF file that is less than 5 MB. The image must be no larger than 300 pixels wide by 50 pixels high.

    • For each console that will have a logo, save the GIF file with the following required filenames.


      Required Filename

      Security Console


      Operations Console


      Self-Service Console


    • Copy the GIF files to a location accessible to the appliance operating system.


  1. Launch the SSH client and connect to the appliance using the IP address or fully qualified hostname.

  2. When prompted, type the operating system User ID, rsaadmin, and press ENTER.

  3. When prompted, type the password for the rsaadmin operating system account, and press ENTER.

  4. Change directories to RSA_AM_HOME/utils/resources/webui/console-banner. Type:

    cd RSA_AM_HOME/utils/resources/webui/console-banner

    and press ENTER.

  5. (Optional) To display custom logo images, do the following:

    1. Copy the custom logo GIF files that you created to the RSA_AM_HOME/utils/resources/webui/console-banner directory on the RSA Authentication Manager instance. For example, use Secure FTP.

    2. Delete the sample GIF files. For example, type:

      rm sc-logo-sample.gif

      and press ENTER.

  6. For each console to have a logon banner, rename the corresponding sample message HTML file with one of the following required filenames.


    Required Filename

    Security Console


    Operations Console


    Self-Service Console


  7. Format the HTML files. Note the following:

    • You can format the text with the HTML tags, such as the tags for bold, italics, and font. For example, you can use the <font> tag to specify the font face, size, and color. UTF-8 character encoding is supported.

    • You can translate your text and add the same statement in more than one language. For example, add the same statement in English and Spanish. For instructions on displaying the localized content in more than one language, see Dynamic I18N/L10N Support in RSA Authentication Manager on RSA Link at

    • The HTML files do not link to the optional custom logo images. Only step 5 is required to display a custom logo image.

  8. Repeat this procedure for each primary and replica instance in your deployment.

After you finish

(Optional) Save copies of the logon banner GIF and HTML files on your network. The backup feature in RSA Authentication Manager does not include the files in the RSA_AM_HOME/utils/resources/webui/console-banner directory.