CSV Format for Token Requests Input File

The following table lists the attribute names (header information) and attributes values (request information) for the token requests input file.

Attribute Names

Attribute Values


Logon ID of the user for whom the bulk request is created.


Identity source name of the user for whom the bulk request is created.

Do not use the user-friendly display name. Use the exact identity source name.


Use the token type name that appears on the Security Console Self-Service Settings: Provisioning - Manage Authenticators page. For software tokens, use the display names listed under the section Software Token Types Available for Request. You enter the display name when you add a new software token profile. For instructions, see Add a Software Token Profile.

Input to the import-bulk-request CLU is based on the display name.

Use On-Demand Tokencodes to create bulk requests for the on-demand tokencode service. You cannot send on-demand tokencodes to users using bulk requests.

Sample CSV Input File for Token Requests


SDoe,Internal Database,STDCARD

PPorter,Internal Database,PINPAD

FKing,Internal Database,KEYFOB

LMathews,Internal Database,SID800

RKapur,Internal Database,Android_CT_KIP

DCohen,Internal Database,iPhone

RBouvier,Internal Database,Windows Mobile

ADoyle,Internal Database,Toolbar

GWilliams,Internal Database,CT KIP

TKennedy,Internal Database,On Demand Tokencode Service

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