Custom Logon Banners

A Super Admin can configure and deploy custom logon banners. You can choose to display a custom logon banner before users log on to the Operations Console, the Security Console, the Self-Service Console, or the appliance operating system with a Secure Shell (SSH) client.

The logon banner is often used for legal reasons, for example, to warn users that only authorized personnel have permission to access the system. The same statement could be displayed in more than language, for example, English and Spanish. If the banner is deployed on a console, administrators and users must click the Accept to Proceed button before entering their User ID. On the appliance operating system, the banner appears after an administrator enters a logon name, such as rsaadmin.

On the consoles, the custom logon banner can include a custom logo image and custom text. You can format the text with HTML tags, such as the <font> tag to specify the font face, size, and color. For more information, see Configure a Custom Console Logon Banner.

The SSH custom logon banner can include text. The custom logo image does not appear when you log on to the appliance operating system with an SSH client.

If you have deployed a web tier, additional options are available for customizing the Self-Service Console web pages and the risk-based authentication (RBA) logon pages. For more information, see Customize Self-Service Console Web Pages.

You can remove a console logon banner or disable an SSH logon banner. For instructions, see Remove a Custom Console Logon Banner and Disable an SSH Custom Logon Banner.