Download the Encryption Key

The encryption key is the public key corresponding to an RSA public-private key pair. The key ensures the following:

  • Token and user records being exported can be imported only to the target deployment.

  • The export data is encrypted, thus preventing data from being read or tampered with in transit.

  • The source and target deployments communicate only with each other.

  • You must download the encryption key from the target deployment before exporting users or tokens from a source deployment.


  1. In the Security Console of the target deployment, click Administration > Export/ Import Tokens and Users > Download Encryption Key.

  2. Click Download Now.

  3. Use the File Download dialog box to select a location for the encryption key, and click Save.

  4. Complete the save operation to your local directory, as required by your browser.

  5. Click Done.

After you finish

Export the tokens or users and tokens from the source deployment. See Export Tokens and Export Users with Tokens.

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