Download Troubleshooting Files

You can use the Operations Console to download logs and reports to use for troubleshooting. Since these log files are not included in the product backup, you can archive them by periodically downloading them.

The log files are bundled into a .zip file for downloading. RSA Customer Support may ask to see the .zip file for troubleshooting. This .zip file contains sensitive information about hosts file, IP address, database schemas, and so on. The .zip file is password-protected. Use the latest version of Winzip to view the contents of the .zip archive file.

Note: If you do not want to share a log containing sensitive information, delete it before making the .zip archive file available to RSA Customer Support. Do not share the .zip archive file with non-RSA personnel.

Before you begin

You must be a Super Admin. However, if the RSA Runtime Server is down, you can access this page using Operations Console credentials.


  1. In the Operations Console, click Administration > Download Troubleshooting Files.

  2. If prompted, enter your Super Admin credentials, and click OK.

  3. In the Generate Files section, select the logs to download. Different options may display depending on whether the instance is a primary or replica. The following table shows all available options.



    Product Information

    Files that detail the configuration of Authentication Manager, such as information related to licensing, the version of Authentication Manager and the operating system, configured identity sources, and more.

    Authentication Manager Log Files

    Logs that detail deployment activity such as administrative operations and user actions. Log files include:

    • Authentication Manager instance log

    • Quick Setup log

    • Operating system files

    • Replication log files

    • Telemetry data that is saved for each day

    Note: If replication fails, then the "Next Chgset Id" indicates which set of database changes broke replication. The other values represent the current replication status.

    Identity Router Log Files

    Log files for the embedded identity router.

    Identity Router log files can also be downloaded from Identity Router Setup Console. For instructions, see Generate and Download the Identity Router Log Bundle.

    System Log Report (primary instance only)

    A report that displays deployment activity, administrative operations, and the results of any activity in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.

    You can choose the number of days, weeks, or months to download, or you can download all of the available system log files.

    Note: If the internal database or the RSA Runtime Server is down, only a subset of files from the Product Information option are downloaded., and the System Log Report option is unavailable on the primary instance.

  4. In the Create Password field, enter a valid password.

  5. Confirm the password.

    Carefully note the password. You need this password to view the contents of the .zip archive file. If you share the .zip archive file with RSA Customer Support, you will have to provide this password.

  6. Click Generate and Download Zip File.

    Progress is displayed in the Progress Monitor page. This may take a few minutes to complete.

  7. In the Progress Monitor page, click Download Zip File.

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