Edit a User

Use the Security Console to edit a user that is stored in the internal database.

If a user is stored in an external LDAP directory identity source, you can manage only the following items in the user’s account:

  • Security Domain

  • Notes

  • Password, including the ability to require a user to change their password

  • Account start and expiration

  • Account status (enabled or disabled)

    By default, you can manage the account status in the Security Console. You can configure an external identity source to use the account status in the LDAP directory, in which case you cannot manage the status in the Security Console.

    For more information, see the Operations Console Help topic “Identity Source Properties.”

  • Locked status

  • Security questions

  • Display attributes

    You can manage attributes that are stored in the internal database only. You cannot manage attributes that are stored in an external identity source.

Before you begin

Your administrative permissions determine whether you can specify attributes for a user. You can only enter values for attributes that your role permits you to edit, even if the attribute is required.


  1. In the Security Console, click Identity > Users > Manage Existing.

  2. Use the search fields to search for the user that you want to edit. Some fields are case sensitive.

  3. Click the user that you want to edit, and select Edit.

  4. Make the necessary changes to the user.

  5. Click Save.

    If you have not saved your edits, you can click Reset to reset the user to be as it was before you began editing.