Cloud Authentication Enablement Issues and Solutions

If you receive an error that is related to enabling Cloud authentication on the Security Console Home page, see the following table.



An error message states that the node secret is not available on the authentication agent.


The node secret does not exist on the authentication agent, but there is no error message.

The node secret encrypts communication between an authentication agent and Authentication Manager. Node secrets are required for users to authenticate on RSA authentication agents.

If you install a new authentication agent, make sure that there is a node secret. Authentication Manager automatically creates and sends the node secret to the authentication agent after a user successfully authenticates to the agent with an SecurID hardware token, an SecurID software token, or a fixed passcode, or after an administrator manually creates the node secret with the Node Secret Load Utility. Using the SecurID Authenticate app for Authenticate Tokencode, Approve, or Device Biometrics authentication does not create the node secret.

A user already has the maximum number of tokens.

Disable or unassign at least one active SecurID hardware or software token.