Enable On-demand Authentication by Both SMS and E-mail

You can send on-demand tokencodes with both SMS text messages and e-mail, instead of allowing only one method per user.

After you enable this feature, you can select an Add Delivery by E-mail checkbox on the SMS Configuration tab. When you use the Security Console to select the delivery method for a user, you can choose SMS to send both a text message and an e-mail. You can locate users with the Authentication > On-Demand Authentication > Enable Users menu or in the User Dashboard.

Users who request on-demand tokencodes in the Self-Service Console can select from the methods you configure (SMS text message or e-mail). After you select the Add Delivery by E-mail checkbox, users who select SMS receive an SMS text message and an e-mail.

Before you begin

Obtain the rsaadmin operating system password.


  1. Log on to the appliance using an SSH client.
  2. When prompted for the user name and password, enter the operating system User ID, rsaadmin, and the operating system account password.
  3. Change directories:

    cd /opt/rsa/am/utils

  4. Run the following command line utility (CLU):

    ./rsautil store -a update_config auth_manager.sms.smtp.feature.enabled true GLOBAL BOOLEAN

  5. Flush the cache:

    1. In the Operations Console, click Maintenance > Flush Cache.

    2. If prompted, enter your Super Admin User ID and password, and click OK.

    3. Select Flush all cache objects, and click Flush.

After you finish

Configure this feature by select the Add Delivery by E-mail checkbox on the SMS Configuration tab for on-demand tokencodes. For instructions, see Configure the HTTP Plug-In for On-Demand Tokencode Delivery.