Export Tokens

Use the Security Console to export token records from a deployment. The records can subsequently be imported into another deployment.

If the tokens are assigned to a user on the source deployment, they are imported to the target deployment in an unassigned state.

Note: Tokens that are managed in the Cloud Authentication Service, such as Authenticate Tokencode, and SecurID 700 hardware tokens, cannot be exported through the Security Console.

Before you begin

  • Download the encryption key from the target deployment where you will import these tokens. See Download the Encryption Key.

  • Select the security domain where the tokens being exported are located. All tokens from that security domain will be exported. If you want to export specific tokens, move the tokens into a temporary security domain and export only that security domain.


  1. In the Security Console of the source deployment, click Administration > Export/ImportTokens and Users> Export Tokens and Users.

  2. In the Encryption Key Location field, browse to the encryption key that you downloaded from the target deployment.

  3. In the Export Job Name field, specify the name of the job that will handle the export task. RSA recommends you keep the default job name. If you edit the job name, it must be unique.

  4. In theExport Type field, select Tokens Only.

  5. Click Next.

  6. From the Token Selection page, in the Security Domain field, select the source security domain. Only tokens from this security domain will be exported.

  7. In the Subdomains field, select Include subdomains only if you want to include the subdomains of the selected security domain.

  8. In the Status field, select the status of the tokens to export.

  9. Click Export.

    You are directed to the Export/Import Status page. The progress of the export is automatically refreshed. You do not need to refresh the page.

  10. Click Download File to download and save the export file to your local machine.

  11. Run the System Log Report to view the results of the export. For more information, see Reports.

After you finish

Import tokens to the target deployment. See Import Tokens from Another Deployment.