Generate a Web-Tier Deployment Package

The web-tier deployment package contains the information that RSA Authentication Manager uses to connect the web tier to the preferred server.

Before you begin

  • You must be a Super Admin.

  • Use the Operations Console on the primary instance to verify that a web-tier deployment record exists on the primary instance.

  • If the Generate Web-Tier Deployment Package page is already displayed on your screen, start this procedure at step 4.


  1. In the Operations Console, click Deployment Configuration > Web-Tier Deployments > Manage Existing.

  2. If prompted, enter your Super Admin User ID and password.

  3. From the list of web-tier deployment records, click a web-tier deployment record to generate the package.

  4. From the context menu, click Generate Package.

  5. On the Generate Web-Tier Deployment Package page, verify the following information:

    • Hostname of the web-tier server

    • Preferred server hostname

  6. Enter a web-tier package password.

  7. Click Generate Package, and wait for the package to generate.

  8. Do one of the following:

    • If the Download Web-Tier Deployment Package section is displayed, the package generated successfully. Click Download Package.

    • If an error occurred, resolve the error and regenerate the package. For instructions, see the RSA Authentication Manager Setup and Configuration Guide.

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