Import a Digital Certificate

Import a certificate when your SMS provider requires digital certificates or when HTTP connections are redirected to an HTTPS site. You need to select HTTP when you configure tokencode delivery by SMS.

Note: Install the certificate that is published by the SMS aggregator Web site. All connections signed by this certificate are accepted.


  1. Secure the certificate from your provider, and save it locally.

  2. In the Security Console, click Setup > System Settings > On-Demand Tokencode Delivery.

  3. Click the SMS Configuration tab.

  4. Complete the Tokencode Delivery by SMS section, and the SMS Provider Configuration section.

    For instructions, see Configure the HTTP Plug-In for On-Demand Tokencode Delivery.

  5. Under SMS Provider Configuration, click Import Certificate.

  6. On the Add New SMS Certificate page, do the following:

    1. In the Certificate Name field, enter a name for the certificate.

    2. In the Certificate File field, browse to the certificate file location, and select the certificate.

    3. (Optional) Enter notes.

  7. Click Save.

  8. On the On-Demand Tokencode Delivery page under the SMS Configuration tab, click Save.