Import Tokens from Another Deployment

You can import tokens that were exported from another deployment. Custom token attributes will not be imported with the token data. Standard token attributes are imported.Software token profiles are not imported. The association between the profile and the token is imported if the exact same profiles exist on the source and target deployments. For information on how importing tokens affects software token profile association, see Exporting and Importing Users and Tokens Between Deployments. Duplicate tokens that are not assigned in the source deployment are not imported to the target deployment.

This topic describes how to import tokens that were exported from a different deployment. To import a new token record file, see Import a Token Record File.

Before you begin

  • Export the tokens from the source deployment. See Export Tokens.

  • RSA recommends that you create a new security domain on the target deployment for the tokens being imported. This makes it easier to isolate the new data and to verify its accuracy. After you are satisfied that the import is correct, you can move this data to another suitable security domain.


  1. In the Security Console of the target deployment, click Administration > Export/Import Tokens and Users > Import Tokens and Users.

  2. In the Import Job Name field, specify the name of the import job.

  3. Select the import file location.

  4. Click Next.

  5. On the Security Domain Selection page, select the target security domain for the imported tokens. You can only select one security domain.

  6. Click Next.

  7. On the Pre-Import Summary page, review the import operation details for accuracy.

  8. Click Import. You are directed to the Export/Import Status page. The status of the import is automatically refreshed.

    When the import is complete, the tokens are in the security domain that you selected in an unassigned state.

  9. Run a report to view the results of the import job. Use the Imported Users and Tokens Report template. For more information, see Reports.

    Note: In the Imported Users and Tokens Report template, in the Job Name field, RSA recommends that you do not select a name of the import job in the template. Only select the name of the import job when you run the report. If you select a name of the import job in the template, every report you run will have the same name.