Install the RBA Integration Script Template

If the RBA integration script template that you downloaded from is newer than the integration script template that is installed in Authentication Manager, use the newer one. You must perform this procedure to find the version number in your deployment. The version number is located in the integration script template header, for example, <Version>1.0</Version>.

Before you begin

If you want to use SSH, enable SSH connectivity on the Authentication Manager appliance. For instructions, see Enable Secure Shell on the Appliance.


  1. Using an SSH client or an SCP client, log on to the appliance using the operating system account User ID rsaadmin and password.

  2. Copy the downloaded integration script template to the /opt/rsa/am/utils/rba-agents directory on the appliance.

    Wait a few minutes for Authentication Manager to refresh the list of integration script templates.

  3. Verify that the version number in the header of the generated integration script (.js file) is the same as the version number in the header of the downloaded integration script template (.xml file). For example, look for <Version>1.0</Version> near the top of the generated .js file or the .xml template.

  4. Repeat step 1 through step 3 for each agent.

After you finish

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