Modify the Security Questions File

Security questions are contained in an XML file that is saved in the database. A set of default questions is provided for English speaking users. You can modify the default questions by changing them or adding additional questions. Once your work is finished, you import the modified XML file into the database. When you import the new file, the language set in the new file replaces the corresponding set in the system. For example, all of the English questions in the new file replace all of the previous English questions. Therefore, if you modify even one question in the existing file, you must reimport the entire file.

Decide carefully whether to modify an existing security questions file. Each time you import a file to modify existing questions, all of the user answers to the previous questions are deleted. Users must reenter their answers. RSA recommends that you customize the security questions before any users answer the security questions.


  1. View the example in the security questions sample file (SecurityQuestionSample.xml) in the RSA Authentication Manager Extras ZIP file.

  2. Create a separate security questions XML file for each LANGUAGE element. For example, if you need questions in three languages, create a file for each language.

  3. Type the security questions in each file using the actual language. Authentication Manager does not translate languages. A security question can contain up to 255 characters. Add at least as many security questions as are required by your security questions enrollment setting.

  4. Make sure that each XML file includes a language ID code that matches the language of the text. For a list of supported language ID codes, see Language Codes for Security Questions.

  5. Validate each file using the security questions file schema (SecurityQuestions.xsd) in the RSA Authentication Manager Extras ZIP file.

After you finish

Import each new security questions file. For instructions, see Import Security Questions.