Remove a Custom Console Logon Banner

A Super Admin can remove the custom logon banners that appear before users log on to the Operations Console, the Security Console, or the Self-Service Console.

Before you begin

  • You must be a Super Admin.

  • This procedure assumes that you know how to use vi editor.

  • Obtain the rsaadmin operating system password.

  • Obtain the IP address or fully qualified hostname for the hardware appliance or virtual machine.

  • Enable SSH on the appliance. For instructions, see Enable Secure Shell on the Appliance.


  1. Launch the SSH client, and connect to the appliance using the IP address or fully qualified hostname.

  2. When prompted, type the operating system User ID, rsaadmin, and press ENTER.

  3. When prompted, type the password for the rsaadmin operating system account, and press ENTER.

  4. Change directories to RSA_AM_HOME/utils/resources/webui/console-banner. Type:

    cd RSA_AM_HOME/utils/resources/webui/console-banner

  5. For each console logon banner that you want to remove, delete both the GIF file and the HTML file.


    Files to Remove

    Security Console



    Operations Console



    Self-Service Console



    For example, to remove the Security Console logon banner, type:

    rm sc-message.html

    and press ENTER.

    Next, type:

    rm sc-logo.gif

    and press ENTER.

    Note: To remove all of the console logon banners, you can delete the entire console-banner folder. For example, to remove the folder and all of the files that it contains, type:
    rm -r RSA_AM_HOME/utils/resources/webui/console-banner

  6. Repeat this procedure for each primary and replica instance in your deployment.