Replication Status

The Replication Status Report displays the replication status for each replica instance in the deployment.

The following table describes each possible replication status. If you enable critical system notifications for replication status, you receive an e-mail notification when the replication status changes. The status term used for each critical notification message is provided in the description for each status.



Attachment in Progress (only on the primary instance)

The replica instance is currently attaching to the primary instance.

Critical notification: ATTACHING.

Attachment Unsuccessful

The replica instance did not attach successfully.

Delete the replica instance, deploy a new replica instance, and attach the new replica instance to the primary instance. If the second attachment attempt is unsuccessful, call Customer Support for assistance

Critical notification: FAILED.

Instance Offline

The primary instance or replica instance is no longer updating its status and might be shut down or disconnected from the network.

Critical notification: OFFLINE.

Internal Replication Error

An error has occurred. Check the knowledge base for the latest patches or call support for additional assistance.

Critical notification: UNHEALTHY.


Replication is occurring successfully.

Critical notification: HEALTHY.

Out of Sync

The replica instance is not synchronized with the primary instance and must be manually synchronized. For instructions, see Synchronize a Replica Instance.

Critical notification: OUT_OF_SYNC.

Synchronization in Progress

The replica instance is in the process of synchronizing with the primary instance.

Critical notification: SYNCHRONIZING.

If you shut down a replica instance, you must wait approximately three minutes before restarting to see the replication status. If you restart immediately and the process takes less than three minutes, you might not see any messages in the System Activity Monitor. However, you can run a report to see the events.

If a replication error occurs, you can download log files to assist with troubleshooting. For more information, see Download Troubleshooting Files.