Request a Cloud Authentication Service Account

You can use the Security Console to request a Cloud Authentication Service account and get sign-in credentials for the Cloud Administration Console. You can request a development account, for testing purposes, or a production account for your RSA Authentication Manager deployment.

If you prefer to request an account from a sales representative, refer to the Support Phone Number page, call the number assigned to your location, and select Option 1.

After you request an account, RSA does the following:

  • Provisions your deployment in the Microsoft Azure cloud for the region that you selected.
  • Sends an email to the contact email address that you entered with instructions that you need to start using the product. The email includes the Cloud Administration Console URL and your initial Super Admin credentials.

Before you begin

  • You must be a Super Admin.
  • You must have an Authentication Manager production license that supports at least 100 users with assigned authenticators. Trial and evaluation licenses do not support a connection to the Cloud Authentication Service.
  • If Authentication Manager is behind an external firewall that restricts outbound traffic, you must configure a proxy server before requesting an account. For instructions, see Configure a Proxy Server.


  1. On the Security Console Home page, click Request an account.

  2. On the Cloud Authentication Service Configuration page, select the Request Account checkbox.

  3. The Cloud Authentication Service Account fields display the available contact information from your Authentication Manager user account.

    You can update this information as needed:

    1. The Customer Name field displays the customer name from your Authentication Manager license. In the Security Console, the Installed Licenses page displays this information in the Licensed to field.
    2. The Email Address field displays your email address.

      This email address must be unique. It can only be used for a single Cloud Authentication Service production or development account.

    3. The Full Name field displays your last name and first name separated by a comma.
    4. The Phone Number field, displays your business phone number.
  4. In the Authentication Service Subdomain field, enter the unique company domain name for your deployment. This value is seen by users who authenticate over the web.

    The Cloud Authentication Service Endpoint displays. The Cloud Authentication Service uses this endpoint to construct system URLs, such as My Page and multifactor authentication pages. If you select a Development account, -dev is appended to the Authentication Service subdomain.

  5. In the Account Type field, choose Development or Production. You might choose to explore and use the Cloud Authentication Service in a development environment before deploying it into a production environment.

  6. In the Region field, select your company's region. The region determines the IP addresses that are used to connect to the Cloud Authentication Service, and the region determines which regional Microsoft Azure Cloud is used to provision your account.

  7. Click Submit.

    You will receive an email after the account is successfully created.

    If for some reason an account cannot be created through the Security Console, contact your RSA Sales representative at 1 800 995-5095 and choose Option 1.