Resolving Common IPv4/ IPv6 Issues

The following table lists common IPv4/IPv6 agent issues, their possible causes, and the corresponding resolutions.


Possible Cause


Bootstrap.xml not found.

The sdconf.rec file is incorrect, missing or is in an inaccessible location.

Generate the Authentication Manager Configuration File

Unable to retrieve configuration data

The agent cannot connect to the server.

Agent created on server.

Verify communication between the agent and server

Verify that the correct agent name exists on the server

Agent Credential Mismatch Error

The node secret is defined on the server and not on the agent, or vice versa.

Crypto algorithm unsupported.

The unlimited strength cryptography policy is not installed (Agent SDK).

Install the unlimited strength cryptography policy. For more information see

Unable to perform Diffie-Hellman (DH) Key agreement

The RSA cryptographic provider is not installed. (Agent SDK)

Alter security providers by replacing the com.sun providers with com.rsa equivalents.