RSA® Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 Release Notes (May 2023)

RSA® Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 delivers compelling features that make it faster and easier to take the journey to modern multifactor authentication and the Cloud. It includes the following new features and enhancements:

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For a complete list of product documentation, see the RSA Authentication Manager Documentation page.

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Supports Migration from RSA Authentication Agent 7.4.x for Windows to RSA MFA Agent 2.2 and later

RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 now supports Windows Password Integration (WPI) in conjunction with RSA MFA Agent 2.2 and later for Microsoft Windows. Organizations that currently still use RSA Authentication Agent 7.4.x for Windows because of its WPI support can now migrate to RSA MFA Agent 2.2 and later for Windows. When the WPI feature is enabled and the MFA Agent for Windows is deployed, it provides a passwordless experience to users.

Proxy and High Availability Support for Epic Hyperdrive Agent

Authenticaiton Manger, from version 8.7 SP1 onwards, supports Proxy and High Availability (HA) for Epic Hyperdrive Agent.

SUSE Operating System Upgrade

Authentication Manager OS is upgraded to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP3. Note that Authentication Manager 8.7 is on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5. For SUSE product support lifecycle information, refer SUSE documentation.

Oracle WebLogic Server Upgrade

To provide customers with a fully supported WebLogic server, Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 is packaged with the Oracle WebLogic Server

Supports Deployment on VMware ESXi 8.0

Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 can now be deployed on VMware ESXi 8.0 (VMware vSphere Hypervisor 8.0). For more information on deployment, see the RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 Setup and Configuration Guide.

Other Technology Updates

Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 includes upgrades to Postgres 14.2, Bsafe 6.2.5, and OpenSAML 4.

Supports SDK Application Development in a Spring Environment

RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 now has the capability to support SDK usage with Spring-based application. This can be utilized by making use of jars available at SDK_HOME/lib/java-Spring/ directory under the am-extras bundle. For more information, refer to "RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 Developer's Guide" available in the am-extras bundle.

Terminology Changes

Though RSA is introducing a new consistent terminology across all products and platforms, Authentication Manager will continue to use the old terminologies. Refer to the table below to understand the terminology differences between Authentication Manger and other RSA products, such as RSA Cloud Authentication Service, RSA hardware or software authenticators, and RSA Authentication Agents.

Old Terminology

(Authentication Manager)

New Terminology

(Cloud Authentication Service, RSA Authentication Agents, RSA Authenticators)

Token OTP Credential SecurID OTP Credential
Authenticator For example, hardware or software tokens are now Hardware Authenticator or SecurID Authenticator.
Tokencode OTP Examples are SecurID OTP, SMS OTP, Voice OTP
Access Code Emergency Access Code
SecurID Authenticate App SecurID Authenticator SecurID Authenticator for mobile or desktop
Device Authenticator

For example, ‘Register a device’ is now ‘Register an authenticator’.

The authenticator can be either hardware or software.

Upgrading from RSA Authentication Manager 8.7

You can apply the Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 upgrade to only supported hardware appliance or virtual appliance that has Authentication Manager 8.7 software installed. Follow the standard steps to apply an Authentication Manager update from your web browser, a Windows shared folder, an NFS share, or a DVD or CD.

The following hardware appliance models are supported for Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1.

Appliance Model


SecurID Appliance 130

RSA PowerEdge R230

SecurID Appliance 230

RSA PowerEdge R240

SecurID Appliance 250 RSA PowerEdge R630
SecurID Appliance 350

RSA PowerEdge R640 with H740 RAID controller

SecurID Appliance 350 RSA PowerEdge R640 with H750 RAID controller
SecurID A330 Appliance RSA PowerEdge R250

Each virtual appliance must have at least 9.5 GB of free disk space if you are upgrading through your web browser. You must have minimum 6 GB of free disk space if you are upgrading from a Windows shared folder, an NFS share, or a DVD or CD.

Update Source Minimum Required Disk Space
Web browser 9.5 GB
Windows shared folder 6 GB
NFS share 6 GB
DVD or CD 6 GB

Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 contains the new features and enhancement from version 8.7 Patches 1, 2, and 3. For more information, see RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 Patch 1 Readme, Patch 2 Readme, and Patch 3 Readme. The fixes and enhancement from 8.7 Patch 4 and later will be included in future 8.7 SP1 patches.

For upgrade instructions, see the RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 Setup and Configuration Guide.

Upgrading from Version Prior to RSA Authentication Manager 8.7

To upgrade from version prior to Authentication Manager 8.7, you must first upgrade to Authentication Manager 8.7 and then to Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1. For instructions, see the RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 Setup and Configuration Guide.

RSA Authentication Agent Support

RSA authentication agent software packages are available on the RSA Documentation & Downloads page. Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 continues to support your authentication agents that use the UDP protocol.

REST protocol authentication agents, such as RSA Authentication Agent 2.0 or later for Microsoft AD FS, RSA Authentication Agent 8.0 or later for PAM, and RSA MFA Agent 2.0.1 or later for Microsoft Windows can use AM 8.7 SP1 as a secure proxy server for the Cloud Authentication Service.

You may also purchase products that contain embedded RSA authentication agent software. The software is embedded in a number of products, such as remote access servers, firewalls, and web servers. For more information, go to the RSA Ready Partner website.

Known Issues

See RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 Known Issues.

Upcoming End of Primary Support Details

The following table provides the upcoming End of Primary Support (EOPS) details:




Extended Support Level 1/ Level 2

RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 May 2025 May 2026/ May 2027
8.6 Aug 2024 Aug 2025 / Aug 2026
8.5 Jul 2022 Jul 2023 / No
8.4 Dec 2021 Dec 2022 / Jul 2023

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