Run a Report Job

To generate output from a report that you have created, you must run the report. After you run the report, you can view the report output in a browser, or save the report as a CSV, XML, or HTML file.

When you run the report, make sure that you download it to your local machine, and view it using the associated applications.

You may only run reports that fall within the scope of your administrative role. If an error indicates that you have insufficient privileges, review your permissions carefully. The report fails if it needs to access data that you are not permitted to view. For example, the All Users report requires permission to view all of the security domains in the deployment because it accesses the security domains to which the reported users belong. For a complete list of reports permitted for each administrative role, see Reports Permitted for Each Administrative Role.


  1. In the Security Console, click Reporting > Reports > Manage Existing.

  2. Click the report that you want to run, and click Run Report Job Now.

  3. Enter any input parameters required by the report.

  4. Click Run Report.

  5. Click the Completed tab to view the report output.

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