Schedule a Recurring Report Job

You can schedule report jobs to automatically run at preset days, times, and intervals.


  1. In the Security Console, click Reporting > Scheduled Report Jobs > Add New.

  2. Select the report that you want to schedule, and click Next.

  3. In the Scheduled Report Job Name field, enter a name for the scheduled report.

  4. In the Job Starts field, enter the date when you want the report to begin running. If the start date is set earlier than the current date, the job will run on the current date.

  5. In the Frequency fields, enter the days or months when the report runs.

  6. In the Run Time field, enter the time when the report runs. If the run time is set earlier than the current time, the job will run at the current time.

  7. In the Job Expires field, enter the date when the report stops running. If the expiration date is set earlier than the start date, the job does not run.

  8. Enter any necessary input parameter values.

  9. Click Save.

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