Search for a Token In Your Deployment

You search for a token or tokens any time that you want to list and take action on a subset of tokens in your deployment. For example, use the search when you want to assign a token to a user or find tokens to move to a new security domain.


  1. In the Security Console, click Authentication > SecurID Tokens > Manage Existing.

  2. Click the Assigned or Unassigned tab, depending on whether the tokens you want to search for are assigned to a user or are unassigned.

  3. From the Security Domain drop-down menu, select the security domain in which you want to search for the token. You must choose a security domain within the scope of your administrative role. You cannot view tokens in a security domain outside of your administrative scope.

  4. On the Search pane, from the For drop-down menu, select the type of token for which you want to search.

  5. Use the Where fields to select the search criteria. For example, enter "Imported On," "is before" and "08/25/2007" to search for tokens that were imported before August 25, 2007. If you want to add additional search criteria, click the More criteria checkbox.

  6. Click Search.

    Search results are only returned for the type of tokens for which you search. For example, if you search for unassigned tokens, you must run a new search to view assigned tokens.

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