Select On-Demand Authentication for Provisioning

In addition to receiving tokencodes on hardware and software tokens, users can request on-demand tokencodes from the Self-Service Console. On-demand tokencodes are delivered through cell phones or personal e-mail.

You can allow users to request the on-demand tokencode service from the Self-Service Console.


  1. In the Security Console, click Setup > Self-Service Settings.

  2. Click Manage Authenticators.

  3. Under On-Demand Authentication Settings, select Allow users to request on-demand authentication.

  4. Complete the fields under On-Demand Authentication Settings as follows.



    Display Name

    Name that displays in the Self-Service Console.

    Image Location

    Directory path and filename of an image file that shows the on-demand tokencode.


    Describes on-demand authentication. This text displays in the Self-Service Console.

    Message Confirmation Notification

    Confirmation message that you want users to see when they request an on-demand tokencode.

  5. Click Save.