Select Security Domains for Self-Service

You must select the security domains from which users can enroll in Self-Service. The security domain in which a user enrolls determines which administrators manage the user, and which security policies are applied to the user.

Consider the following:

  • Any security domains that get many Help Desk calls or deploy a large number of tokens would benefit from self-service and provisioning.

  • Do not select security domains that contain users who should not use Self-Service or provisioning.

To clarify the selection process for users, you can customize the names and descriptive text of all available security domains that appear on the Self-Service Console. For example, if the security domains represent departments in your company, you can label each security domain with the department name and instruct users to pick their departments.


  1. In the Security Console, click Setup > Self-Service Settings.

  2. Click Select Security Domains.

  3. In the Display Name for Security Domain Selection Component field, enter user-friendly text about choosing a security domain.

    For example, if you have a security domain for each department in your organization, you might enter “Select your department.”

  4. Click Select More Domains to view a tree showing all lower-level security domains.

  5. Select the security domains you want to make available.

  6. Click Make Available.

  7. In the Display Name field, optionally add a descriptive name for the security domain. For example, enter “Human Resources.”

    The display name appears on the Self-Service Console and can be helpful to users when they select a security domain.

  8. Click Save.