Software Token Distribution

An SecurID software token is a software-based security token that resides on a computer, or other device, such as an iPhone or Android-based cell phone. Once installed, the SecurID software generates tokencodes, which are displayed on the screen of the device.

Because a software token is installed on a device , distribution is electronic, and involves generating a token file and delivering the token file to the user. For more information, see Software Token Profiles.

Software Token Redistribution

Under certain conditions, you may need to redistribute a software token. When you redistribute a software token, the authentication server generates a new token seed, which ensures that the user will have a different and unique seed for generating one-time passwords. RSA recommends redistributing software tokens if you have reason to believe that your software tokens have been compromised or if you need to change certain token attributes, such as the PIN type, tokencode length, or tokencode duration.

With few exceptions, SecurID software token applications will reject a software token during import if its serial number matches a serial number stored in the token database on the device. If the software token application allows the user to delete tokens, the user must delete the token and then import the replacement token. If the software token application does not provide an option to delete tokens, the user must remove the application in order to delete the token database. The user must then reinstall the application and import the replacement token.