Synchronize a Replica Instance

The primary instance data is replicated frequently on each replica instance in the deployment. You can view the replication status of each replica instance in the Operations Console Replication Status Report page. When a replica instance shows an Out of Sync status, you must manually synchronize this replica instance. The synchronization process brings the replica instance back into sync with the primary instance data.

Perform the following procedure to synchronize an out-of-sync replica instance with the primary instance.

Note: If the primary instance has an “Out-of-Sync” replication status, for any reason, resynchronizing the deployment removes any administrative changes that occurred on a replica instance. For example, you may need to regenerate an offline emergency access tokencode that was generated on a replica instance.

Before you begin

You must be an Operations Console administrator.


  1. On the primary instance Operations Console, click Deployment Configuration > Instances > Status Report.

  2. For a replica instance with an Out of Sync status, click Sync.

    Note: You can synchronize only one replica instance at a time.

    The synchronize progress displays.

    If the synchronization process does not finish after 30 minutes, or if the synchronize progress displays an error, you can troubleshoot the problem by downloading the troubleshooting files on the replica instance. For instructions, see Download Troubleshooting Files.

  3. After the synchronization tasks are completed, click Done.