Test Default Security Domain Mappings

Security domain mappings allow you to override the system’s default behavior of adding all users from an LDAP identity source to the top-level security domain. Using security domain mapping, you can configure the system to add users from an LDAP identity source into a specific security domain.

Before you begin

  • The identity source must be in your administrative scope.

  • You must have the Security Domain Mappings permission.


  1. In the Security Console, click Setup > Identity Sources > Default Security Domain Mapping.

  2. In the Identity Source field, select the identity source where you want to test security domain mappings.

  3. In the Test Security Domain Mapping section, enter a User ID from the external identity source in the UserID field, and click Test Mapping.

    If the system can validate the User ID in the external identity source, the page displays the user DN and the external identity source, as well as the default security domain mapping details that are applied if you decide to add the mapping.