Unassign a User Alias from a RADIUS Profile

You can unassign a user alias from a RADIUS profile if you want to assign the alias to another profile.

For example, user Alice has a user identity Alice_User and a user alias identity Alice_Admin. When Alice logs on as Alice_Admin, you no longer want RSA Authentication Manager to assign her the RADIUS_Admin profile because you have created a new RADIUS profile for RADIUS administrators.


  1. In the Security Console, click Identity > Users > Manage Existing.

  2. Use the search fields to find the user from whom you want to unassign to the profile.

  3. Click the user from which you want to unassign the profile.

  4. From the context menu, click Authentication Settings.

  5. In Logon Aliases, select the user entry in the list, and click Remove.

  6. Click Save.