Unassign a User from a RADIUS Profile

You can unassign a user from a RADIUS profile if you want to assign the user to another profile. For example, you might need to assign the user to a profile with a different value for the Framed-Pool attribute (allowed IP addresses).


  1. In the Security Console, click RADIUS > RADIUS Profiles > Manage Existing.

  2. Click the profile that you want.

  3. From the context menu, click Associated Users.

    The list of all users associated with the profile displays the following:

    • User’s Login ID. The user ID of the user.

    • Full Name. User's first and last name.

    • Disabled. Whether the user account is enabled or disabled. An administrator specifies the account status on the User Properties page. The Security Console checks the user status each time it creates the user list.

    • Security Domain. Lowest level of security domain assigned to the user. An administrator specifies the user's security domain on the User Properties page.

  4. Click the user that you want to unassign from the profile.

  5. From the context menu, click Unassign User.

  6. To quickly unassign multiple users from a profile, select the checkboxes next to the users, and click Unassign.