Update the Web Tier to Allow the Use of Nonstandard Email Domains

To use nonstandard email domains, other than the nonstandard .local domain, you must edit the Authentication Manager ims.properties file on the web tier.

Before you begin


  1. Log on to the web-tier server:
    • On Linux, log on with the SSH Client.
    • On Windows, log on with the Remote Desktop Protocol.
  2. Change directories:

    cd /webtier-install-location/utils/resources

    Where webtier-install-location is the installation directory.

  3. In a text editor, open the ims.properties file.
  4. If the validDomainList line does not exist, only the .local nonstandard domain is supported, and you must add validDomainList to support additional nonstandard domains:


    Where nonstandard is the name of the nonstandard domain. For example, to support a .sms and a .local email domain, you would enter validDomainList=.sms;.local;

    You can add more than one nonstandard domain. Separate each name with a semicolon.

  5. Save your changes.
  6. Restart the RSA Web-Tier services:
    • On Linux, type the following command, and press ENTER:

      /opt/rsawtinstall/server/./rsaserv restart

      /opt/rsawtinstall/webtierBootstrapper/server/./rsaserv restart

    • On Windows, do the following:
      1. On the web-tier server, click Start > Run.
      2. Type:


      3. Press ENTER.
      4. Right-click RSA Webtier Bootstrapper Server.
      5. Click Restart.
      6. Right-click RSA Webtier Server.
      7. Click Restart.

    The nonstandard domains are listed in /webtier-install-location/utils/resources/ims.properties.