Updating Identity Source Properties

Occasionally it is necessary to update the identity source properties after the identity source has been linked to Authentication Manager. The directory configuration mapping section of the identity source properties makes it possible for fields in the identity source to be used by the internal database. Use the Operations Console to edit directory configuration mapping.

You can also create custom user attributes with the Security Console. Use the Security Console to edit identity attribute definitions for custom user attributes. For information, see Edit Identity Source Attribute Mappings.


  1. If you plan to change the User ID mapping, unlink the identity source from Authentication Manager. For instructions, see Unlink Identity Sources from the System.

  2. Edit the identity source properties. For instructions, see Edit an Identity Source.

  3. If you unlinked the identity source to change the User ID mapping, re-link the identity source to Authentication Manager after you have finished editing. For instructions, see Link an Identity Source to the System.