Using E-mail Notifications for Provisioning Requests

Provisioning workflow participants can receive e-mail notifications when a request is submitted, waiting for approval, approved, cancelled, rejected, or is unsuccessful. You can allow the following workflow participants to receive e-mail notifications:

  • All workflow participants. Users, Request Approvers, Token Distributors

  • Super Admin

  • Workflow participants in parent security domain

You can add a comment to the request properties configuration that will be included in the e-mail notification, for example, to explain why a request is denied.

Before Authentication Manager can send e-mail notifications, you must configure SMTP. For more information, see Configure the SMTP Mail Service.

If you enable e-mail notifications to workflow participants in the parent security domain, all Request Approvers and Token Distributors in security domains above the security domain where a request originates receive workflow e-mail notifications.

You can deselect the default setting that enables workflow e-mail notifications to all workflow participants (Users, Request Approvers, Token Distributors). You cannot disable workflow e-mail notifications by participant type, except for Super Admin.

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