Verify an IP Address or Hostname

You can use the Operations Console to run operating system commands to verify an IP address or hostname. The following table lists the supported commands.




Determine if the host computer you are trying to reach is available, and determine the response time.

For the Amazon Web Services appliance, ping requires you to enable the ICMP port in your security groups. For security reasons, RSA does not recommend opening the ICMP port on the cloud, but if you require ping to work, the ICMP port must be added to your security groups.


See the network route between two computers with a list of intermediary routers.

NSLookup (Name Server Lookup)

Query the DNS server to obtain the IP address or hostname.

Verify Name Resolution

Query a host to obtain the domain name, IP address mappings, and a list of configured DNS servers.

ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)

List the Media Access Control (MAC) address that is associated with an IP address.

You can view the command output in the Operations Console.


  1. Log on to the Operations Console of the appliance where you want to verify an IP address or hostname.

  2. Click Administration > Network > Network Tools.

  3. From the Select Command drop-down list, choose a command that you want to run to verify the IP address or hostname.

    Note: If you run the ARP command, you do not need to enter an IP address or hostname. All entries in the ARP table are always displayed.

  4. In the Enter Hostname or IP Address field, enter the IP address or hostname that you want to verify. The IP address must be in IPv4 or IPv6 format.

    • Example in IPv6 format: 3ffe:1900:4545:3:200:f8ff:fe21:67cf

    • Example in IPv4 format:

    The hostname must not exceed 255 characters. For example,

  5. From the Source Address drop-down list, select the IP address from which the command originates. On an appliance with multiple NICs, you may choose a specific IP address, or select Any, to allow the system to choose the IP address. The source address applies to the ping and traceroute commands only, and allows you to use these commands to test connections between specific IP addresses.

  6. Click Run Command.

    The output is displayed in the Output section of the page.