View Installed Licenses

Viewing your license allows you to see the details about the license features, limits, and status. One important feature is the number of users that your license allows.

Users with assigned authenticators count against the license limit. Users with assigned authenticators that are disabled or expired also count against the license limit. Users with multiple authenticators only count once.

RSA Authentication Manager 8.7 SP1 can use any version 8.0 or later license or a combination of supported licenses.

Before you begin

You must be a Super Admin.


  1. In the Security Console, click Setup > Licenses > Status.

    The License Status page in the Security Console provides the following information about all of the installed licenses:

    Status. Indicates the status of the license with respect to user limits and product features. Valid values are OK, Approaching Limit, or Limit Exceeded.

    License Features. Indicates the name of a feature that is enabled by the license.

    Limit. Indicates the maximum number of users who can use this feature. This field is not applicable to features that do not include a licensed limit, such as Self-Service.

    Actual. For features that include a limit, such as the number of users with assigned authenticators, this field indicates the actual number of users who are using this feature and count against the license limit. For features that do not include a limit, such as Self-Service, this field indicates whether the feature is available with the license.

  2. Click View Installed Licenses.

    Note: In the Replication section, the Limit column indicates the maximum number of replica instances that can be attached to the primary instance, and the Actual column indicates the total number of primary and replica instances in the deployment.

  3. On the Installed Licenses page, click a license ID, and select View to view the following information for that license:

    License Details. Detailed information on the license, such as serial number, product, version, and issued and installed dates.

    License Features. Detailed information on the license features.