View Messages in the Activity Monitor

Activity Monitors let you view system activity, such as log entries, in real time. Use this procedure to view messages in the Activity Monitor to troubleshoot problems.

You can view real-time entries when an administrator clears PINs or provides emergency access to users on any primary or replica instance.

When the primary instance or replication is not available, only entries for the replica instance are displayed. When replication is restored, all of the recent runtime authentication log entries are replicated, and become available for viewing on the primary or any replica instance.


  1. In the Security Console, click Reporting > Real-time Activity Monitors, and select an available Activity Monitor.

  2. Specify the criteria of the log messages that you want the Activity Monitor to display. Leave these fields blank to view all activity.

  3. Click Start Monitor.

  4. When a message displays that you want to view, click Pause Monitor.

  5. Click the date and time of the message that you want to view.