View RADIUS Servers

You can view the list of all RADIUS servers and the following properties of each:

  • Server Name. Hostname for each RADIUS server. This is the same hostname used by Authentication Manager.

  • IP Address. IP address that RADIUS clients and other RADIUS servers use to communicate with this server. This is the same IP address used by Authentication Manager.

  • RADIUS Server Status. A "Normal" status means that the RADIUS server is functioning properly. If the RADIUS server is "Offline," you can restart the RADIUS server in the Operations Console. Click Deployment Configuration > RADIUS Servers.

  • Authentication Manager Replication Status. The state of Authentication Manager data on the primary or replica instance on which the RADIUS server is installed. Authentication Manager replicates data for the entire deployment, including RADIUS data. For more information, see Replication Status.


In the Security Console, click RADIUS > RADIUS Servers or in the Operations Console, click Deployment Configuration > RADIUS Servers.