View the Appliance Hosts File

Every appliance instance in a deployment has a unique hosts file. The operating system of the appliance uses the hosts file to map hostnames to IP addresses. To make sure each appliance can connect to the other instances in the deployment, or to other components such as a RADIUS server, enter the hostnames and IP addresses of these servers in the hosts file.

Use the Operations Console to view the contents of the hosts file without logging on to the operating system through Secure Shell (SSH).


  1. Log on to the Operations Console on the appliance that has the hosts file you want to view.

  2. Click Administration > Network > Hosts File.

  3. View the entries in the hosts file.

    The page has two sections:

    • The read-only section contains the IP addresses of the localhost and the hostname of the appliance. If the appliance has an additional network interface card (NIC), an additional IP address can be listed. This section is collapsed by default. Click the icon to expand it.

    • The editable section contains information such as IP addresses and hostnames for the instances in the deployment.