VMware DVD/CD or ISO Image Mounting Guidelines

RSA Authentication Manager updates can be applied from a DVD/CD or an ISO image. Before selecting the DVD/CD mounting option in the Operations Console, you must use the VMware vSphere Client to configure the Authentication Manager virtual appliance.

RSA recommends mapping the virtual appliance to your local DVD/CD drive or an ISO image on your client machine. RSA supports the other VMware options for mounting a DVD/CD or an ISO image, but note the following:

  • If you use VMware vMotion, RSA does not recommend mapping a physical DVD/CD on a host machine for updates. VMware vMotion moves virtual appliances between host machines, which can break the connection that the virtual appliance uses for updates.

  • Authentication Manager only supports mounting one DVD/CD drive. If multiple drives are mounted, Authentication Manager searches the first drive that is found.

For instructions on mounting a DVD/CD or an ISO image, see your VMware product documentation.