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Accessing RSA Education Virtual Labs

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Accessing RSA Education Virtual Labs

The below video is a walk-through of the steps needed to access your virtual lab environment in addition to accessing your supplementary materials as well.

Video Contents:

  • Check your connectivity with the virtual lab environment. 0:50 - 1:08
  • Requesting a lab environment. 1:09 - 2:23
  • Accessing your lab environment. 2:24 - 2:42
  • Cloudshare Interface walkthrough & Accessing materials. 2:43 - 5:21


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Important Notes:

Once provisioned, your RSA Education’s Lab environment is provided to you for the following durations:

  • 10 hours of overall practice time over 14 days for On-Demand Lab
  • 20 hours of overall practice time over 30 days for On-Demand Classroom
  • 20 hours of overall practice time over 14 days for Self-Guided Exploration Lab

**Please make sure to suspend the environment if it is not being used to avoid unnecessary consumption from the granted run time.


For OnDemand Labs and Self-Guided Labs, Cloudshare will auto-suspend the virtual machines within each environment after 30 minutes of inactivity, Once you re-login into your labs they will auto-resume.


If you have any problems accessing your Virtual Lab environment or if you have any inquiries, please Contact Us or submit a case through Here