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RSA Governance & Lifecycle Implementer Boot camp

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Course Description

This training material and hands-on lab describe how to implement the RSA Governance and Lifecycle system, establish a well-defined governance foundation, and configure lifecycle capabilities to maximize efficiency, mitigate risks, and simplify the responsibilities of RSA G&L administrators and end-users in future lifecycle management activities. 

This training focuses on implementers who want to start configuring RSA G&L by enabling them to understand how to start approaching the Identity Governance & Administration problem at the organization and analyzing company resources to be able to decide what is the most efficient implementation that will match the company’s requirements.  


Delivery Type

  • Instructor-led (Virtual/Live)


  • Instructor-led - 4 Days


Prerequisite Knowledge

Prior to attending this class, students are encouraged to complete the Foundation Training Courses:


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the student should be able to: 

  • Plan and implement a well-defined governance foundation to streamline and enhance all lifecycle capabilities by having an oversight on all system functions. 
  • Plan and onboard identities by creating directories, managing attributes, and configuring unification settings.  
  • Specify a delegated authentication source to allow various end users to log in and interact with RSA G&L.  
  • Set up the AFX system and configure its capabilities. 
  • Configure the Access Request Manager to help streamline various system processes related to submitting requests and fulfillment of requests.  
  • Configure the password management component to allow for self-service password resets, and set the criteria for identity confirmation. 
  • Create and Customize workflows to fulfill the organization’s policies. 
  • Create several rules to oversee various use cases such as the Joiner Mover Leaver process, Segregation of Duties, and more.  
  • Maximize overall efficiency by streamlining all system interactions and functions with the BRM for managing roles and set Role-Based Access Control measures. 
  • Configure and utilize Web Services to perform various system actions.  


Course Outline

Module # 

Module name 

Learning Objectives / What Student will be able to Do Upon Completing this Module 

Module 1


  • Identify main Application Modules 
  • Demonstrate the Functional Elements of RSA G&L. 
  • Identify main Business Roles that will interact with G&L and their Responsibilities, focusing on the Implementer Users. 
  • Demonstrate high-level Architecture of the RSA G&L cloud system. 
  • Navigate the platform to perform basic operations, and view basic info on the system.

Module 2

Initial Onboarding & Configurations

  • Planning and Analyzing Company Resources. 
  • Identify the Data Schemas in RSA G&L (identify the attributes required for all of the objects in the resources) and manage attributes accordingly 
  • Configure Collectors to onboard the Resources 
    (Users/Unification Settings, Accounts, Entitlements). 
  • Assign a Delegated Authentication Source to enable Users to interact with the platform. 

Module 3

Automated Fulfillment Express

  • Demonstrate the AFX System Architecture. 
  • Demonstrate the remote AFX server topology. 
  • Deploy the AFX Server. 
  • Create and Configure AFX Connectors 
  • Demonstrate and Configure the AFX Connector Capabilities. 

Module 4

Access Request Manager

  • Demonstrate the phases of a change request. 
  • Configure the ARM general change request settings to fulfill business requirements. 
  • Customize the change request interface to fulfill the organization’s requirements. 
  • Configure Password Management Settings.

Module 5


  • Define the Workflow types. 
  • Demonstrate the Workflow Architect tool.  
  • Define the Workflow Nodes and their functionalities and capabilities. 
  • Demonstrate workflow customization options. 
  • Customize Approval workflow settings to meet our requirements. 

 Module 6


  • Demonstrate a general overview of the Rules and their functionality in RSA G&L.  
  • Differentiate between Rule Types available in RSA G&L. 
  • Define the Rule Components and Configurations. 
  • Demonstrate the different actions that can be triggered by a rule. 
  • Customize Rules and policies to ensure compliance with the organization’s regulations.

 Module 7

Roles & Business Role Manager

  • Identify the Role Object and its advantages. 
  • Demonstrate the Role types available in RSA G&L. 
  • Adjust Business Role Manager Configurations based on Organization’s requirements. 
  • Create roles, assign privileges, add users, discover roles, and merge roles. 
  • Utilize Role Analytics to increase the efficiency of the Role.

 Module 8

Web Services

  • Define the Web Services in RSA G&L and the API calls. 
  • Demonstrate the Web Services commands structures. 
  • Demonstrate the different use cases and scenarios to use the Web Services to interface with G&L.


Access Training
for RSA Employees

Access Training
for Customers



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