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Course Description

These training and hands-on labs describe the functions and administrative operations associated with managing Cloud Authentication Services.

Delivery Type

  • Instructor-led (Virtual/Live)
  • Self-Paced with Labs


  • Instructor-led - 3 Days
  • Self-Paced - 24 H



Prerequisite Knowledge

It is required to Meet at least one of the below prerequisites:


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training, the student should be able to: 

  • Explain overall ID Plus architecture and components functionality.
  • Perform user administration functions and manage users.
  • Define My Page portal and its features.
  • Identify ID Plus different authentication methods.
  • Manage ID Plus authenticators.
  • Explain access policies, conditional access policies and assurance levels.
  • Identify RADIUS authentication.
  • Illustrate CAS logs, monitors and reports.


Course Outline

Module # 

Module name 

Learning Objectives / What Student will be able to Do Upon Completing this Module 

Module 1 

ID Plus Architecture and Components

  • Explain ID Plus functionalities
  • Illustrate cloud and hybrid architectures
  • Define ID Plus components functionality and features

Module 2 

Managing Users and Administrators

  • Identify identity source (LDAP/AD) attributes
  • Perform identity source synchronization
  • Perform user administration functions and manage users
  • Perform CAS Bulk Maintenance
  • List types of administrative accounts on Cloud Admin Console

Module 3 

My Page Portal

  • Describe My Page features
  • Configure My Page Self Service and SSO portal settings
  • Add different web applications for SSO on My Page portal
  • Apply customization options to My Page

Module 4 

ID Plus Authenticators

  • Describe ID Plus MFA authentication methods
  • Define time synchronous authenticators and OTP seeds
  • Register end user authenticators
  • Manage ID Plus authenticators

Module 5 

Policy Management

  • Define different types of Policies on ID Plus Cloud Authentication Service
  • Identify and configure Access Policy components
  • Interpret the Additional Conditional Authentication and Assurance Levels function principle 
  • Configure Cloud Admin Console company settings

Module 6

RADIUS Administration

  • Define RADIUS Authentication in CAS

Module 7

Logging and Reporting

  • View IDR Logs on CAS
  • View System Event monitor
  • View Reports


Access Training
for RSA Employees

Access Training
for Customers



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